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  • JumpServer Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

    Introduction JumpServer is the first open-source jump server based on Django. It provides friendly web UI for dev-ops management administrators and[……] Read more

  • Detection for Abnormal Params with HMM (with Code)

    Recently, I am studying on intrusion detection with machine learning, hoping to use what I have learned this semester in Machine Learning course to solve some real life problems. The first topic is using Hidden Markov Models to detect abnormal input for parameters.  [……] Read more

  • Machine Learning – KNN

    When you given a set of commands from a log file such as .bash_history or something similar, you can definitely judge if this set of command[……] Read more

  • Code Audit – CVE-2018-10574

    As the second CVE ID I have owned, CVE-2018-10574 identifies an arbitrary code executation in BigTree CMS developed by Fastspot. Here are some places to get more details about this CVE. [……] Read more

  • 针对REST API的Web应用防火墙

    前言 个人毕业设计,挺水的。本来想好好弄,把防火墙和机器学习综合一下,结果学校突然通知提前一个月验收,只好匆匆完成,不过最后答辩老师的评价还挺不错,大概是没有细看吧。总之是让大家见笑了。 [……] Read more

  • GDT和LDT的区别与联系

    每个程序都有自己的LDT,但是同一台计算机上的所有程序共享一个GDT。LDT描述局部于每个程序的段,包括其代码、数据、堆栈等。GDT描述系统段,包括操作系统本身。 [……] Read more