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  • Reverse Interactive Shell in Python

    Reverse Interactive Shell in Python

    Background It’s been a really long time since last time I took participated in a CTF game. Last weekend, Randomly found an ongoing CTF game – GACTF[……] Read more

  • A New GitHack Script

    Git hack happens when site maintainers use Git to manage the source code of the website but forget to delete .git directory. By accessing , you can easily find Git information and even the source code of the target website. Sometimes you may see 403 when you are trying to visit that URL, but that is […]

  • 全国大学生信息安全竞赛线下赛-Web-Writeup

    第九届全国大学生信息安全竞赛 Web攻防 比赛是8月中旬在上海进行的。这套源码一共发现了一个注入和一个后门。其实当时本来很早挖出了后门,但是补的第一波莫名其妙就把服务弄挂了,所以一直没补成,被打到最后还有两个小时,又试了一下,莫名其妙的这次就行了。 [……] Read more

  • 南邮CTF-综合题2-writeup

    最近吃了一发安利,发现了南邮的CTF训练平台,上面有一个往年的题目。就难度而言,大部分其实不算很难。同时,题目中不乏很有趣的题型。 [……] Read more